"An elegant and clever musical conjurer"

"Near perfect calculation

        of what was needed"

CAROLINE, OR CHANGE – Studio Theatre

CAROUSEL – Virginia Opera


“Directed and choreographed by Greg Ganakas, who also helmed Virginia Opera’s original “Carousel,” the company’s current iteration of the show is an exciting, visually stunning production that’s loaded with energy and emotion and highlighted by a mixed cast of Broadway and opera singers who are somehow able to blend their distinctive vocal styles into a seamlessly flowing, first rate presentation.”

The Virginia Pilot

PORGY AND BESS – Virginia Opera


Winner of the Connecticut Circle Award

CAMELOT – Virginia Opera

"Daring Changes Give New Flavor to Camelot "


"The Virginia Opera Company is making its debut at Virginia Beach's Sandler Center with a real surprise - a brilliant, inventive new staging of "Camelot."... Greg Ganakas' staging is daring and risky. He has moved the orchestra to the stage and sometimes has the cast dressed in modern clothes.The result, against the odds, is an unusually intimate drama that gets directly at the heart of a love affair among three people....No matter how many times you've seen it, you haven't seen it staged this way."


The Virginian-Pilot

ANNIE--Paper Mill Playhouse

* Starring Sarah Hyland of "Modern Family"


“Paper Mill’s new production is certainly miles above the revival, with tons of heart and soul.”


“You can bet your bottom dollar this production is a real crowd pleaser.  This delightful family favorite takes on a fresh new look at Paper Mill.  Director Greg Ganakas does a top-notch job keeping an amazingly strong cast focused and upbeat in this colorful production.”


GEORGE M!—Goodspeed Opera House

“Ganakas, who last year put a lively spin on PAJAMA GAME, is proving a major find for Goodspeed, able to generate a contagious momentum while insinuating moments of emotional depth.”

The Hartford Courant

GREASE--Darien Broadway Theatre


“More garish productions have been around; the Darien GREASE has an understated authenticity that radiates an almost lyrical grace. The striking montage... and all the dances, choreographed by Mr. Ganakas, have a sweet, not saccharine, elation.”

The New York Times


THE PAJAMA GAME—Goodspeed Opera House


“Goodspeed’s impressively cast new production has been directed with unswerving verve and touching humor by Greg Ganakas, who also has provided choreography that suggests Fosse but does not exaggerate the off-kilter, jagged style.”

The Hartford Courant



FIDDLER ON THE ROOF—North Carolina Theatre


“Director Greg Ganakas takes a fresh approach to FIDDLER…Ganakas recasts the show’s events in darker, more sinister shades…Indeed, this masterpiece of American musical theatre has seldom looked, sounded, and felt so good.”

Voice of North Carolina





“Director/Choreographer Greg Ganakas goes straight for the musical’s theatricality.  With a wink and nudge, Ganakas and his superb cast never let us forget we are watching a playful theatrical entertainment, while at the same time they draw us into the heart of the story.”

The Sharon Chronicle





"Brilliantly conceived and smartly staged under the guidance of director/choreographer Greg Ganakas"

Voice of North Carolina




A CHRISTMAS CAROL—North Shore Music Theatre

*Recipient of the Moss Hart Award for Best Direction and Best Production


“Best production of the year!  The best part of this totally outstanding holiday production is the staging. Everything from the use of the off-stage spotlight on musicians, to the nimble pair of dancing acrobats that appear in almost every scene, to the special effects, make this a very lavish production.”

Boston Globe


              "An understated authenticity

        that radiates an almost lyrical grace" 

**Helen Hayes Award Winner

"Everything a Musical Theater fan could want

         and Ganakas weaves it all together."

What The Critics Are Saying About Greg Ganakas

  "Hard-driving but effortless"

“Studio's juicy production, ably staged by director Greg Ganakas, does justice to this tricky material, at times dry-eyed and hard-edged, at others deeply sentimental.”


“The real drama of "Caroline, or Change" is in the characters' epiphanies, large and small, and fortunately, Ganakas, serving as both choreographer and director, stages musical numbers effectively.”

The Washington Post

“Ganakas’ take on the tragedy of Caroline Thibodeaux feels thoroughly human, even as it’s finding expressively lo-tech ways to stage the show’s whimsical frills.”

The Washington Weekly

“Everything in stage director Greg Ganakas' new take on George Gershwin's 1934 opera pulls together to powerhouse effect as it relates its stories of love, faith and endurance among the denizens of Catfish Row.”

The Washington Times

“Ganakas doesn't just stage these passionate goings-on horizontally. He thinks vertically as well…”

“…Ganakas is keeping the teeming stage in constant, at times kaleidoscopic, motion in a show that often breaks into terrific dance and fight choreography, but without sacrificing our focus on the singers.”

"With near-perfect calculation of what was needed, stage director Greg Ganakas gave the cast  movement that both looked natural and had purpose. He also chose the right times to stop the action, allowing attention to go to just one or two characters."

Richmond Times-Dispatch

      "a visually stunning production,

loaded with energy, emotion and style"

“The revival of SEVEN BRIDES turns out to be rousingly sung and spectacularly danced in a production that surpasses the 1954 MGM musical…Dance, in fact, is what Greg Ganakas’ hard-driving but effortless production is all about.

Ganakas has skillfully individualized the brothers, giving each a distinct personality.  With its tight direction, canny arrangements and orchestrations and rip-roaring dancing, [this production] has nearly succeeded in refurbishing a new work for the Broadway canon.”

The Hartford Courant

“It's an agreeable surprise that Goodspeed Musicals has turned this cubic zirconia into a real gem of a show. The staging is distinguished by the tasteful and authoritative eye of director Greg Ganakas…and a cast of likable lumberjacks and sassy frontier gals that would make any pioneer proud.”


"An immaculately preserved re-staging"

"Brilliant, Inventive

        Daring, Risky"

"Tons of Heart and Soul"